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Patterson Chiropractic Center Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Patterson Chiropractic Center patient reviews below and email me or contact our office if you have any questions. (931) 489-5989

I am that “Skeptical of Everything til its proven Guy”… My story is that I have been suffering for months with my right leg giving me a lot of pain and numbness. Loss of sleep due to pain, and just miserable sitting in restaurants, at home, or at friends homes, I could not stand for more than minutes at at time. My friend recommended Dr. Patterson about 1 month before I finally called for an appointment. Always heard Chiorpractors twist you up like a pretzel with pain and never wanted to go. Pain got unbearable, after just 1 session, I walked out of the office straight up, no limp, blood flow, no numbness. He has a devise he uses that is painless and quick! I am amazed. I have 6 sessions to do to correct my spine , but am actually anxious to go next time. Sleeping great now. I am blown away with this new way he does it. In and out in 10 minuets too!

~Jimi M.

Very welcoming and professional experience! All my anxiety of possible pain, and/or popping and cracking was addressed, which made me very relaxed and confident in Dr. Patterson. I waited to do this review so I would have multiple visits to tell everyone about. I am so very pleased and never dread a visit with Dr. Patterson. He has helped with my neck, my knees, my allergies… I told him he is a miracle worker and it seems like he could fix anything! He is so modest, just stating he tries to help everyone as much as he can. I’m telling everyone about Dr. Patterson, Sarah and Lynn. What a great group of people!

~Donna B.

Dr Patterson is very intuitive!! After listening to me and asking questions, he was able to, with his first touch, almost perfectly identify the problem. My headaches were lessened after the first visit and completely gone by the third without medication!!

~Meredith M.

Best service i have received anywhere. As soon as I walked in the door at my first appointment, I was greeted by name and every staff member came up to introduce themselves and shake my hand. I was seen quickly and was given helpful explanations of my condition and what steps need to be taken to improve it.

~Anna L

I love going, because I know I will receive excellent care. The staff is very professional and take great pride in their work. Everyone I spoke too was very knowledgeable and the place was very organized and ran very smoothly. Will continue to recommend others to the office. Keep up the great work.

~Andrew M.

The staff and doctor are wonderful people that make you feel like you have been friends your whole life. I feel very blessed to have found such a wonderful place!

~Kathy C.

The best chiropractic experience I have ever had. I travel all over the U.S. and Canada. I have met a lot of chiropractors with my line of work. Dr. Patterson and his staff is by far the best.

~Reed K.

Best experience with a chiropractor I’ve ever had. Thank you so much!

~Kristen S.

Great experience and friendly staff.

~David C.

I have received excellent results from my treatments with Dr. Patterson. The treatments have given me results in two weeks. This condition has proven to be long term, chronic pain with limited treatment results from the medical community. My only alternative suggested is surgery. I am very encouraged by the outcome of my treatment. I am so grateful to God, and my friend Laura, for leading me to Dr. Patterson. He is a true professional: knowledgeable, compassionate, effective, and a delight to deal with.

~Amy M.

Very friendly staff. I enjoy every visit and feel better each time.

~Deborah L.

I really enjoyed everything about the adjustment. The activator truly relieves the pain with surgical precision. Thank you Dr. Patterson for quick lasting relief.

~Michael L.

I am extremely pleased with my experience. I look forward to seeing how treatments can help me. After my first adjustment I felt pressure in my ear ease up, I didn’t even know it was there because I was so used to it. Thanks again!

~Jessica L.

Dr. Patterson and all the staff were very friendly, yet also very professional. Though no improvement after the first visit I have confidence that good results will be achieved.

~Ron B.

Dr. Patterson and his staff were very helpful to me. They are very welcoming and friendly. After only 2 adjustments I am feeling much better and I cant imagine going anywhere else.

~Deanna C.

I was very pleased with the family friendly atmosphere. The office is efficient without making me feel rushed. The technique was new to me, but Dr. Patterson explained it perfectly. I am so happy I found the office.

~Kris P.

Very impressed with the staff! I can feel a huge difference after only one adjustment and am so excited to continue feeling better and healing my body. Thank you so much!

~ Jennifer L

Unbelievable office! Have been to Many chiropractors, and chiropractic offices…none of them can compare with Dr. Patterson’s office staff, or him! Incredibly welcoming, and wonderful follow-up! Would recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a chiropractor!

~ Donda M

At Patterson Chiropractic’s state of the art facility I felt that I was receiving the best possible care and Dr. Paul explains what he is doing, how it will affect me, and demonstrates a confident presence which gave me hope for better health.

~ Mike P

Everybody was extremely nice and so helpful. It was an amazing experience!

~ Tammie L

Dr. Patterson and staff are friendly, helpful, and most importantly, thorough! We look forward to great chiropractic success at Patterson Chiropractic.

~ Bennett A